Work Reporting
and activity recording for
On-the-Go employees
What is What is Flare Dash
From the day you start using it!
Not only streamlining operations,
but also deterring fraudulent activities!
Monitor your employees activities, including location data, anytime
Monitor your employees' activities,
including location data, anytime.
Easily create work reports with Images using the app
Easily create work reports with Images using the app.
Calculate travel distances and record routes
Calculate travel distances and record routes to prevent fictitious expense claims.
Eliminate 100% of transcription Costs from Paper.
Eliminate 100% of transcription costs from paper.

Achieve Instant Situation Awareness and Automated Data Compilation!

features More features

Efficiently manage employee
tasks and activities
with location tagging!
We built in the features you'll love.
Feature 01
Record When and Where you worked
Record When and Where you worked
Perfect for Managing Employees on the Go or with Variable Work Locations!
Feature 02
Real-Time location
Capture Real-Time Location and Activity Paths.
Feature 03
Check-In/Out Records
Check-In/Out Records
Record Check-In Points (Start) and Check-Out Points (End) for Data Logging.

Feature 04
Flexible work report creation
Flexible work report creation
Customize Reports Freely, Including Image Uploads.

Feature 05
Travel Distance Tracking
Travel Distance Tracking
Automatically Calculate Travel Distances and Includes Odometer Value Recording.
Feature 06
App for Administrators
App for Administrators
Effortlessly manage employee activity status from anywhere with the Admin App.
Bonus features included too!
Feature 01
Driving behavior analysis
Driving behavior analysis
Flare utilizes the integration option with Flare Analytics to enable driving behavior analysis right within the Dash app.
Feature 02
Supports disabling route logging
Supports disabling route logging
Supports settings to only record the start (check-in) and end (check-out) points of data logging.
Feature 03
Export recorded data
Export recorded data
Edit desired items and order freely, and export files in your preferred format.


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